500 trees planted - how we balance purpose with planet

500 trees planted - how we balance purpose with planet


News coverage of deforestation tends to focus on the Amazon rainforest, but there are similar problems elsewhere.

Madagascar – the world’s oldest island – has lost a fifth of its trees in just the last 20 years as forests are cleared for subsistence farming. It’s a similar story in Mozambique, which has lost 12% of tree cover in the same period.

Thankfully, governments, NGOs and others have come together with an ambitious package of new conservation laws, education programmes, and investment in higher yield farming techniques to reverse the decimation. A huge tree planting programme is also underway.

Although CapEQ is already a ‘climate positive’ business due to our way of working, we wanted to do something more.

We are pleased to share with you that CapEQ has now planted more than 500 mahogany, mangrove and orange trees in Madagascar and Mozambique. A big thank you to our friends and partners at Ecologi and Eden Reforestation Projects for helping us make this happen on the ground.

Of course, there is much more to do – and we are now planting more trees every month, including in the UK.

Corporate finance can be done differently. Here’s hoping others in our industry will join us to put trees before fees.